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Car Seat Safety Checks

GVA collaborates with other local agencies to protect the children of Greece by providing car seat safety checks. GVA's checks are held at our headquarters, located at 867 Long Pond Road (view a map). Scheduled checks are held on the second Wednesday of each month. Please call (585) 227-2073 to make an appointment or if there are any questions. In addition, checks can be arranged for other times when a car seat technician is on duty by calling (585) 227-2073 and asking to speak to a car seat technician. For car seat-related questions, contact Matt Lutz.

As shown in the table below, there are safety checks at other locations on other Wednesdays. If you prefer one of these other checks, please reserve an appointment by contacting the appropriate agency.

Schedule: Contact: Agency:
1st Wednesday 3pm-6pm GPD 720-0442 or Barnard 581-6295 Barnard FD / Greece PD
2nd Wednesday 2:30pm-5:30pm 227-2073 Greece Volunteer Ambulance
3rd Wednesday 2pm-5:30pm 581-5428 or signup online North Greece FD
4th Wednesday 3pm-6pm 453-1206 or 227-2123 Greece Ridge FD

Some links to information about car seat safety: