GVA Seal Greece Volunteer Ambulance

Rochester, New York, USA



Board of Directors

GVA is run by volunteers as a completely independent, non-profit corporation. A seven person Board of Directors makes policy, personnel and financial decisions. The board members are elected by volunteer members for two year terms.

The current board members are:

  • President: William Joyce
  • Vice President: Ben Rydzewski
  • Treasurer: Peter Seger
  • Secretary: Scott Campbell
  • Member-at-Large: Val Campbell
  • Member-at-Large: Kim Johnson
  • Agency Medical Director: Dr. Dustin Riccio
  • Community Member: Rob Merkel
  • Community Member: James Ryan
  • Community Member: Karen Schwallie


The operations team oversees daily operations.

The members of this group are:

  • Chief: Matt Comer
  • Acting ALS Chief: Matt Rudow
  • Cpt. Matt Hannafon - Groups 1 & 4
  • Cpt. Matt Rudow - Groups 2 & 3
  • Lt. Jacquies Channell - Group 1
  • Lt. Kelly Thompson - Group 2
  • Lt. Tucker Costich - Group 3
  • Lt. Adam Baglin - Group 4
  • Lt. Elizabeth Rybczyk - Training Lieutenant

Other Administrative Duties

The other administrative jobs are handled by duty crews between emergency calls and by volunteers who donate their free time. Volunteer or paid staff members are appointed by the board of directors or the director of operations to the myriad of tasks necessary to keep the corps operating efficiently.

Some examples are:

  • Community Education & Director of Training: Ela Rybczyk & Matt Comer
  • Quartermaster / Uniforms: Adam Baglin
  • Building Maintenance / Driver Coordinator: Matt Hannafon
  • QAI Coordinator: Matt Rudow
  • Building & Grounds Committee: Vic Witenzen
  • Membership Coordinator: Kim Johnson
  • Car seat Installations: Nate Bader
  • Public Relations Events (i.e.: BP Clinics, Health Fairs): Matt Hannafon